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News at S*Coonery de Vos

>> 2016

We have sad news. Yesterday our breeding male Mad Max died in a falling accident.
Our first thought was to close our cattery and sterilize the females. We have now changed our decision and will keep a male after Max from the litter "The Seven Samurai". To all of you waiting for a kitten, you will have to wait a little longer or change your plans. We are very sorry for that inconvinience and for our loss of our wonderful Max.
Pictures on the new litter The seven samurai born 160412
New pictures at the Flower litters

New photos of the kittens

Pictures from Flowerlitter S born 160127

New Pictures of Flower litter A

We have had two litters during January. Information and photos will soon be up at the homepage.
All on the waiting list will be contacted in due order.

>> 2015

Some new photos of our kittens now grown up to be find under offsprings as well as under kittens. Also some new photos of some of the adults. More photos to come.

Mad Max was tested within the health program regarding HD and HCM everything without any remarks.
We will now start to mate our females as soon as they are in heat.

150109 After a long wait, our new male are finally here! Thank you Anita for giving us the male you kept for yourself!
Under cats we proudly present D* Summerplace Mad Max!

>> 2014

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Coonerydevos Kashira tested within the swedish health program; HD Normal/Normal, HCM ultra sound negativ.

>> 2013

We wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year!

Fantastic show weekend for the cattery with the following results;

N*Tojo Polaris Anna Domino Ex1 CAC
N*Tojo Polaris Christopher Cross EX1 CAP
S*Coonery de Vos Naginata Ex1 Nom
S*Coonery de Vos Wakizashi EX1
S*Coonery de Vos Kashira Ex1 BIV BIS

N*Tojo Polaris Yoko Nagisa Ex1 CAC
N*Tojo Polaris Christopher Cross EX1 CAP
S*Coonery de Vos Naginata Ex1 BIV
S*Coonery de Vos Wakizashi EX1
S*Coonery de Vos Kashira Ex1 BIS

Congratulations to Coonery de Vos Naginata for Ex1 on Saturday and EX2 on Sunday at the show in Örebro 15-16/6-13

Congratulations to Coonery de Vos Naginata for the Ex1 and Nom at the show in Västerås 5/5.

New photos of the kittens 11 weeks old

New photos of the kittens 7 weeks old

>> 2012

We have kittens. Two Winter litters born from our Norwegian girls. For details se "kittens for sale"

Semifreddo and Milli is going to move to The Netherlands in June.

Christopher Cross is nutered

Ultrasound on Ultra and BB still showing negative regarding HCM.

Results from ultrasound and HD X-ray for Christopher, Anna and Yoko.

Christopher will not be used in breeding due to hip dysplacia.He will stay in the cattery babysitting the young.

New plans under kittens

Updated kitten plans and profile pictures.

>> 2011

New show results from Haninge! Totaly 10 Ex1, 4 CAC, 2 CAP, 3 BIV samt 2 NOM. We are very satisfied.

We want to present our new male; N*Tojo Polaris Christopher Cross. A dream in blue. He can be seen under youngsters.
Thank you Torill for letting us have what you kept for yourself. You spred joy when our sorrow was at the deepest.

All kittens sold from "the smal litter"
New cat under youngsters.

Tragedy in the cattery. Yoshi suddenly left us, far to young, in a bacterial infection.

New photos of AnnaDomino and Yoki Nagisa

New pictures of the kittens 12 weeks old!

New pictures of the kittens 6 weeks old!

Photos of the kittens 3 weeks old

We proudly present our two new youths from Norway; N*Tojo Polaris Anna Domino and N*Tojo Polaris Yoko Nagisa. We are extremly happy for these two great additions to our breeding stock. Thank you Torill for the gifts for us to treasure!

We have kittens born 110122 between Ultra-red and Blue beauty. Suprising considering that Ultra-Red had been chipped with Suprelorin a couple of months prior to BB being i heat. Nevertheless, we are still happy for 4 healthy rascals.

HD X-ray of Blue Beauty 101227 Normal/Normal

>> 2010

Brooklyn has unfortunately been sterilized due to uterus inflamation. She will retire but stay in the cattery.

Blue Beauty tested negativ in ultra sound test regarding HCM. X-ray regarding HD the same date, no official result yet but it looked real good.

New photos under Brooklyn, Yoshi, BB and Ultra.
New plans for spring and summer 2011

Unfortunately Mini didn't bring any kittens this time, she will be mated next time she is in heat.

New photos of all the cats as well as in the gallery.

Kittens expected week 29 between Brooklyn and Ultra-Red

We are happy to present a new fantastic addition to our breeding coonies. Our new, imported male, A*Mainefield's You are the one or "Yoshi". We look forward to watch the developement of this wonderful male. The potential is enormous with two such well typed parents, from a one time combination. Thank you Wally, at the Mainefield cattery, for your trust, letting us take care of this beautiful boy.

Keep your eyers open, in May a beautiful little black smoke boy from Mainefield cattery, Austria will arrive.
A promising kitten from very well typed parents.

New presentation picture of Blue Beauty and some new pictures in her gallery as well.

Some new pictures in the common gallery.

Let us present: A*Christomas Blue Beauty

Our dream come true is finally here! So far the only blue female born from, and copy of, our favourite MaineCoon female of all time, D*Superstars Blue Belle owned by Christiana at A*Christomas in Austria. The picture of mom Blue Belle, seen on A*Christomas banner, is one of the most googled Maine Coon picture in the world, why? You can see for yourselfs, in our eyes she is totally unique. We had to wait a long time for this piece of gold, and are eternally greatful to you Christiana, for giving us, in a competition unheard of, the trust to take care of this treasure.

>> 2009

HD Normal/Normal
Photo of our "Blue Project" under females
Babette is now castrated

Project Blue
Keep looking under females, a new import is on the way. We can promise a solid blue female with super type, a copy of her mother, the only solid blue girl from her so far. The mother is our favourite female Maine Coon of all time. We are eternally grateful to the breeder letting her come to us in fierce competition from hundreds of breeders all over Europe. More information shortly

We are expecting kittens from Brooklyn and Ultra-Red, We predict red, huge and well typed kittens

New test results; Brooklyn, Ultra-Red and Babette all tested negative with ultrasound regarding HCM

New link

New photos at Mini and Ultra
New kittenplans for 2009

New photos at Simpan and Babbis in their  galleries
We have a banner, feel free to borrow it

New photos at "Simpan"

New photos in Ultra Red´s gallery

More info about our "Project  Red"  A*Christomas Ultra-Red under males, and under his gallery

Our imported male to the "red project" has arrived. He is looking very promising.

New homepage under construction

Happy New Year!!!

S*Kattanoogas Semi-Freddo, S*Acrobat's Babette och S*Dusty Coon's Brooklyn all tested Normal/Normal in HD X-ray

S*Kattanoogas Semi-Freddo and S*Dusty Coon's Brooklyn Has been tested with trans thoracal ecocardiography with the result HCM negative.
They have also, together with S*Acrobat's Babette, been X-rayed for HD status and we eagerly wait for the results coming within 10 days.