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We are a small family based Cattery, breeding Maine Coon, located in Åkersberga just north of Stockholm.

Our goal is to breed healthy, well typed and large Maine Coons with a wonderful temperament. In order to succeed
we select our breeding specimens very carefully within the criteria above. We emphases temperament and health
and follows the recommendations regarding breeding and health set by the breeders associations in which we are

We run a cattery with only few breeding males and females at any given point of time. Our litters are few and
our cats are raised and live as family members with full access to our living area just as the rest of the family.
This makes our kittens fully socialised at time of delivery. Our cats are indoor cats but have access to a netted
outdoor space.

Of all the colour variants the breed has we are especially fond of black, blue and red classic tabby, red and blue
solids and if silver is added to these variants it is a real bonus to us.

The family consists of me, Anthony normally working as a medical doctor, my wife Marjolijn, originally from The
Netherlands, working as a nurse and the children Danielle, Christian and Mikaela all three on the way to adulthood.

I have a genuine interest in animals since childhood, just as my wife, growing up with my mother’s dog kennel as
well as horses, sheep, rabbits and cats of course. I have always loved cats and have previous experience with other
breeds such as Persians and Chinchilla before being introduced to Maine Coons. Since then there is no return,
those of you that already owns a Maine Coon knows what a talk about, and those of you about to buy one will in time.

My interest in breeding was founded early but before Maine Coon, practically,
it has been limited to dogs prior to this.


 Anthony och Marjolijn de Vos

 Adress     Österskärsvägen 8
                  184 50 Åkersberga

 Phone      +46 73-530 51 59

                  +46 70-494 93 04

 Mail        cattery@coonerydevos.com