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Our kittens grow up as family members with the same access to our living quarters as the rest of the family.
They are fully socialised since we put a lot of effort in handling them between 2 and 10 weeks, the period when
most of their social skills are founded.

We are selling our kittens primary as pets. Buyers interested in shows are welcome to make inquiries for
selected kittens for this purpose. A limited selection might be sold for breeding purposes, but only after agreement
and to registered catteries.

Kittens not sold for breeding is castrated at time for delivery, for the behalf of the cats and
their owners.

Our kittens are sold as indoor cats but enjoys a netted outdoor place or equivalent. 

All our breeding cats are tested negative for HCM by ultrasound and DNA test as well as X-rayed for HD.


Kitten for breeding purposes; 12000:- SEK

Kitten for pet/show, nutering/castration included; 7000:- SEK

Downpayment; 1500:- SEK

 When buying a kitten from us this is included 

- A sweet social litter box trained kitten
- Lifelong breeders support for the kitten
- Pedigree registered in Sverak
- Vaccination twice (the owner continues to vaccinate once/year)
- Deworming three times
- 3 years hidden fault insurance in Agria ( The owner should sign health and accident insurance/life insurance)
- Starting package from Royal Canin
- Veterinary health check
- Kittens sold for for just company (not breeding) is by time for delivery already castrated.